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Doing the chores

stress_impact Although it might sound that chores are just extra headaches, in reality, doing simple tasks helps us to be become more relaxed. This is mainly due to the fact that while we are doing mundane tasks, we start indulging in what is called flow. In this state, usually we are engaged with the outside world and our brain can stop worrying a bit less than usual.

Researchers have shown that household chores can technically be considered a chilling activity. It is easy to see that while you are washing the dishes, you are basically practicing mindfulness with a relaxing sound of water running. This can reduce anxiety and help you gain more focus. In a way, anxiety is usually tied with the thoughts about future and past. By being at the present moment, we significantly block those sort of thoughts. To make this work even better, you can pay even further attention to the current moment. Practice mindfulness by sensing the temperature of the water, weight of the soaked clothes, scent of the laundry detergent. As with all the mindfulness practices, your mind probably drifts away from time to time. Don't worry about it! Just gradually bring your attention back to what you are focused on.

Gardening is another example of things you can do around the house that is proved to prolong your lifetime, improve your mood, and help you reduce your stress. Try to touch the leaves, smell the great scent of the flowers, and play with the soil. Cooking is another example. If you have time to cook, this is great way to indulge most of your senses into something that almost everyone finds useful and full of adventures. Try new recipes, taste what you are cooking, chop and feel what you are working with. Just be more present :)

How can it get better? You get some of the work done around the house while at the same time, you are depleting your stress built-up. Some of the examples of chores, you can do to help you with relaxation, are ironing, washing dishes, sweeping, doing laundry, mowing the lawn, vacuum cleaning, cleaning the car, etc. Nevertheless, please do not use us (this information) as an excuse to do your parents or significant other a favor by passing on all the housework to them.

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